Hey there!

My name is Janneck Wullschleger, I'm a software developer, generative art visualist and sysadmin from Luebeck, Germany. I'm allways looking for exciting projects to work on. So get in touch with me if you think I could fit in your team! If you need an individual software for your business, don't hestitate to contact me!
Check out my other profiles on the web: Github, LinkedIn, XING.
You can contact me via email: jw@itsjw.de.

Recent projects


I've ported a part of the handy library for processing to p5.js.
You can draw 2D primitives (lines, curves, rects, ellipses, hachures) in a handy sketchy look in p5.js.

Generative Light

Building a software for light installations based on generative creation and modulation of drawables acording to the rules of music - or short - a light synthesizer.



A team collaboration tool build with the easy as pie dudes at FH Flensburg. Manage your teams, their tasks, dates and chat with teams or team members. Check upcoming tasks and dates on your dashboard. Developed with django, MySQL, node.js, bootstrap and more.
tweap - teamwork easy as pie.

Bollwerk Homepage

The homepage of the club Bollwerk based in Luebeck, Germany. Here you can get the monthly program of events, podcasts and every month a new background artwork with a nice parallax effect.


Ranger is a small JavaScript library to bind html range elments to a range array. Only values from the array can be selected with the range element. Read more in the github readme.


Programming Languages: Java, Processing, Python, php, C#, C/C++, GLSL, Haskell
Web Frameworks: Django, Flask, Spring, slim, cakePHP, nodeJS
Web Techs: AngularJS, vue.js, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS3, Bootstrap
Database Backends: MySQL, PostgresSQL, mongoDB
Services: Apache, nginx, vsFTP, Postfix, Dovecot, bind
OS: Docker, Debian, Ubuntu, VMware, Microsoft Server
Network: Juniper, HP, Cisco


§5 TMG
Janneck Wullschleger
Clemensstraße 6
23552 Lübeck